Is it time for Boris to get on his bike and stop peddling flim flam?

Words by Emma Greedy

It most definitely was not Boris who was at fault for stating that he believed Nazanin Zaghari-Ratcliffe was in Iran teaching journalism. His statement was simply misinterpreted, by absolutely everybody… Much like the time that everybody in Britain misinterpreted Johnson’s promise of £350 million pounds being returned to the NHS if we left the EU. Actually, a pattern seems to be emerging here…

Johnson’s recent comment has condemned Zagharia-Ratcliffe, a British and Iranian duel citizen currently imprisoned in Iran for allegedly breaching national security, for a further 5 year. The foreign secretary vowed to “leave no stone unturned” in the already controversial case. A promise that he quickly broke after wrongly stating that he believed Nazanin had been teaching journalism in Iran, when in fact she had only gone to visit her parents. The comment made by Boris was not only incorrect, but reinforced what we perhaps already knew; Boris Johnson is not a competent member of parliament.


A few years ago, before the word ‘Brexit’ existed and ahead of a fiercely divided Britain, Conservative MP and former mayor of London, Boris Johnson was commonly deemed as an ‘endearing clown’ of a politician. There were several antics that earned Johnson this title; being televised stuck on a zip wire, as well as a viral video of the fifty three year old politician barging into a young child during a game of charity rugby. Essentially, Johnson’s ‘unintentional’ comedic aptitudes have overshadowed his political career.

Johnson’s initial popularity has derived from his typical ‘Boris like behaviour’; the politician’s ability to become part of a joke is maybe his most defining feature, as well as his signature wild, platinum blonde hair. It is this amusing persona that has aided him to achieve the majority of his political positions. However, it seems that the humor derived from Boris and his blunders have come at a cost; his ‘misinterpreted’ words seemed to have a pronounced influence over voters during Brexit and have now condemned a conceivably innocent woman.

Now, do we continue to brush off every offense and mistake as a ‘Boris-ism’? Or, is it time to appoint a capable politician as our foreign secretary?

Personally, I think that it is time for Boris to get on his bike and leave as quickly as possible. Unfortunately for us, he will be leaving behind him a trail of broken promises and an array of ‘misinterpreted’ comments. Nevertheless, Boris has gifted us the ability to use his name as a punch line and for that, and that alone, we may (if the joke is funny enough) thank him.
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