Top 8 Tips on How to Become a Christmas Blogger

Christmas, what is there to say about it that hasn’t been said already? Loads!  And we want you to say it.  We are looking for short blog pieces, coupla hundred words, on anything to do with Xmas.  If you send it we will publish it.  The ones with the most amount of views will get a little pressie as well.

Write about whatever you want, but here are some of Fleur Rollet-Manus’ suggestions to get you going:
  • How to throw a student friendly party.  Be fabulous on a festive-friendly budget.
  • Student cookbook guide to cooking Xmas dinner. How not to burn those sprouts if you like them  How to make sure your burn them if you don’t!
  • Top 10 most naff jumpers. Pics of you wearing one get extra credit.
  • 15 Secret Santas that won’t break the bank.
Sounds easy enough but for those of you who have never written anything before, can be a bit daunting.  So, if you just don’t know how to get started here is our little gift to you.
HM’s Top 8 Tips for Writing Killer Xmas Blogs
  1. Clickbait title. Top X whatever for Xmas.
  2. Opening two sentences.  Fun opening then lead on to the list.
  3. List. One or two sentences for each item.
  4. Pay off.  Couple of sentences to get the hell out of there with a message, a laugh or even a tear.
  5. Images. use to find two copyright-cleared images.  One to head up the piece, one to go in the middle. Don’t forget to say thanks to the brilliant artists who share their stuff.
  6. Links.  Link to people who will see it and link you back, like other bloggers.
  7. Wrap it all up in an email and send it to us. WE WILL PUBLISH YOU.
  8. Then when it is published nag all your friends and family to share it: “As an early Christmas present”.  Lay it on thick, Christmas is a time for giving, all about family, I really want to make it as a writer.  You know which buttons to push.
Job done. HM made you a writer for Christmas, just like that!

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