Five Solid Gold Guaranteed to Work Tips on Promoting your Content on Twitter

Twitter is a great place to promote creative work.  But how does it work? For the novice blogger or would-be member of the Twitterati that constant stream of bits of news and goss., those confusing hash-tags, the whole intensity of the Twittersphere can be off-putting.  Yet Twitter remains the number one place for creatives to promote their work and get commissioned for fresh work. You need to be on there.

There are a million Tweets out there that tell you how to do it, but did you notice they are all about building your business?  You don’t want that, you want to promote your creativity, so all those tips are, basically, useless.

What you need are solid gold tips to help you promote and develop your writing through Twitter right?  Okay, we are here to help with our top five guaranteed work top tips from promoting your writing on Twitter.  So stop bleating and start Tweeting, using our experts’ top-tips of course.


Mike Ryder is a successful student blogger, and academic social media consultant with years of experience in the field.  He is also a talented writer and a great friend to Heymillennials.  I asked Mike for his tips and he came back with these nuggets of gold the very next day! Which in itself is an additional top tip: be responsive, be hungry, have the content ready!

  1. Don’t forget the value of face-to-face. Not everyone has time to use Twitter as often as you do. Sometimes your message can get lost amidst news feeds that refresh with new content every few minutes. If you know a Twitter contact in person then why not drop them a line, or even speak to them face-to-face to see if they might share your work? A little bit of personal engagement can go an awful long way, and may also improve the quality of responses you get.
  2. Consider your audience. Take some time to think about the audience you’re targeting and the sorts of things they’re interested in. How do they interact with each other, and what sort of language do they use? Audience tastes change over time, so don’t assume that just because something has worked for you in the past that it will work for you again in exactly the same way.
  3. Quality counts. A little thought can make all the difference when it comes to sharing your content online. This doesn’t just apply to Twitter, but to any social media platform. Consider quality over quantity, and put yourself in the position of the reader. Are you more likely to click on something if you see it spammed across news feeds, or are you more likely to click on something that’s a little bit quirky or different – that has something to ‘hook’ you in?rawpixel-com-256641 (2)
  4. Target your messages. If you have a specific audience in mind, be it an individual, a group or even a publisher, then why not target them directly? Consider the sorts of things they look for and ways that you can ‘sell’ your story to them or make it more relevant to their readership. You could then perhaps Tweet them directly, or perhaps use a hashtag in order to engage them in conversation. You may even consider getting to know them first over a period of time and then selectively targeting them with your best news items in order to elicit a response.
  5. Build your network. Twitter can be hard work, and it’s certainly not for everyone. If you want to gain followers you will need to put in a lot of work – especially early on. Think about ways you can build your network, and consider also the sorts of followers you want to attract. How often should you post content? What content will they want to see? Don’t forget to also consider your tone of voice. All of these things are important to helping you establish a clear and coherent online identity.


Okay that’s enough to be going on with, thanks Mike.  Next time the editors of Heymillennials itself share their top 10 Twitter tips.

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