So, this is Christmas. Brunel students share their top tips and ideas for perfect, student festive fun!

Words by Louise Pitman

Christmas. Even if December has only just begun, Christmas is all that’s on everyone’s mind.

We asked Brunel students to go in search of the meaning of the festival, and to give us their top tips on how to enjoy the holiday season.

Here are Louise’s thoughts about Christmas and family.  Is that snow gently falling outside my window…?

  1. Christmas trees are EVERYWHERE (not that I’m complaining, I’ve had one in my room since the end of November) and there are fake snowflakes and baubles littered all over town.
  2. Christmas music is back in the charts (finally) and Mariah Carey is back on her A-game.
  3. Fairy lights covering buildings and street lights alike, not in halls though (they’re a safety hazard), make everything feel that bit more ‘Christmassy.’
  4. But what does that mean?  To any skeptic, Christmas is a commercialised holiday purely about presents and time off work and, honestly, they’re not wrong. However, there is still a deeper message behind the holiday that I like to think that it’s all about and that’s family.


Whether that’s your biological family, legal guardians, or even your friends, any kind of family is a good one. I realise the is whole concept is slightly cliché but it’s true and very important to remember.

During the Christmas holidays, I feel like I’m with my family 24/7 which is not normal. Christmas day is arguably the most socially draining event of the year – travelling from house to house to see your nearest and dearest for hours on end – but I love it.

Turning on the Christmas tree, playing games, telling jokes, and, inevitably, drinking possibly a bit too much alcohol. What isn’t to love about all of that? Yes, there’s presents involved and it’s great but, for me, the best part of Christmas is everyone being in one place having fun.

Why not share your thoughts on Christmas.  Email us at Heymillennials and we will publish them.  The best ones might even get a little pressie.

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