The Joy of Giving. Top 5 tips on present-giving protocol .

Words by Louise Pitman.

Personally, I can’t wait to give my parents their presents and to finally get them things that they want but I’m also excited to get presents and that’s okay.

  1. It is acceptable to appreciate that the true meaning of Christmas is all about family whilst enjoying the presents that come with them.
  2. When you’re younger, all you can do is receive. But as you get older remember that people have been giving you gifts since you’ve been born so the least you can do is give something back to them.
  3. This year, when you’re ferociously ripping open your beautifully wrapped presents from your family and friends, remember those that gave them to you. Thank them and tell them you appreciate the gift even if it is a pair of socks (it’s cold so you’ll need them).
  4. People like to know that what they’ve given to someone has made them truly happy so as long as it wasn’t too expensive, tell them you love it even if you don’t.
  5. If you’re running low on money but want to get your friends some gifts then you can always get them something small (price isn’t everything) or for some fun, do a secret Santa so everyone can get a present inside a set budget but you’re not breaking the bank (just try to keep who you have a secret otherwise it’s just a game of Santa and that’s no fun).


A Gift Too Far!

However, there is one thing I will not accept about Christmas and that is the existence of Brussel sprouts. They’re just not nice. Stop pretending you like them!


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