Plus-Sized Tights Advertised by Skinny Models, WTF?

Words by Simone Ager. 

I first saw this on Instagram and had to send it to friends, as I was baffled as to why a fashion website ( would think this was at all a good marketing idea.

We all know is an odd and baffling site to shop at in itself, due to its odd array of items, sizing of clothing and how items are crazily cheap; even selling items for “free”.

Apparently, the photos of slim models inside the ‘plus size’ tights stretching them out, was originally used to advertise anti-tear tights, but stupidly thought yeah why not reuse it to market plus size tights to plus size women. Oh no, was that a bad idea or what?

This created outrage from all who have seen it, mocking the site on all social media platforms from Twitter and Instagram to news articles. The Twittersphere’s opinion on the whole was that was ‘body shaming’. I have to agree; that was my exact thought when I first saw the images and thought it was a joke. It was almost as if had been like “twitter do your thang” as the choice of advertisement images were ridiculous.


One Twitter user ‘@fredaspeaks’ tweets “who thought this would be a good idea? No plus-size models available? #bodyshaming’.

The real question is, surely, why didn’t they just use plus size models???

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