My first term as a fresher

Words by: Louis Pitman

Ah, the end of term. A long-awaited date for everyone I’m sure; but for me, and many others, this December marks the end of our first term, of our first year. We’ve survived fresher’s week and many working weeks since consisting of lectures, seminars, workshops, and socials. Lots and lots of socials. From these few weeks, I’ve learnt that university is not as fun as everyone that doesn’t go to university thinks… It’s better. Yeah there’s a lot of work to do, but! if you keep ahead of deadlines, and actually go to lectures (which is easier said than done) then it should be easy to manage. Obviously there are bound to be some hiccups along the way, especially when living on campus, because not everyone can always get along unfortunately – but you’ll either get over it or just ignore each other like mature adults.


Sometimes you’ll meet the best people on a night out and witness the funniest, most Snapchat-worthy thing – which is the only way to show if you’ve had a good night. Other times, the best people will be those that you unintentionally sat next to in a lecture because they were in the perfect spot (not too close to the front or the back), and you’ll end up sitting there for the rest of term having the time of your lives. The main thing this term has taught me, however, is that university is a whole different world. Not just because it’s physically away from home but life is just different. It’s like being on a little island in the middle of god-knows where, where everyone goes to classes and then does fun stuff together all the time. Some weird stuff happens at university – good but definitely weird. There was a massive adjustment period, but once I got used to the structure of a day at university a day with two lectures and a seminar seems practically jam-packed even though it only totals three hours. All in all, this term has been great – full of ups and downs, friend-making and falling out. My only real issue is washing up the dishes. It takes so long but I suppose someone has to do it.

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