What is Christmas without Theatre? Wicked is HM’s Top Tip for West End Magic.

Words by Safiyya Khan.

A week ago, Christmas came early and I was lucky enough to go and see Wicked in the Apollo Victoria Theatre, London for the second time. I came away even more in love with the musical; reliving the same state of wonderment I felt when I first watched it nearly 5 years ago!

When I went to see it with my school, I stared, completely enchanted by the inventive backstory of the beloved characters in The Wizard of Oz. I remember coming home and researching the songs I had heard, particularly loving ‘Popular’, ‘I’m not that girl’ and ‘Defying Gravity’, stumbling across videos of Idina Menzel singing the same songs after being cast in the Broadway version of Wicked. Undoubtedly, this is one of my favourite musicals, by far!


Click here to see Idina Menzel’s “Defying Gravity”.

This year, my experience of Wicked was slightly marred by my view being blocked for some of the production from the unsuspecting tall man sitting in the seat in front of me in the stalls. My advice here would be to ensure that, if you do opt for the stalls seats, you ought to pick seats that are centre-forward of the stalls area, to ensure that you still retain some view of the cast despite being some way back.

Despite this, I came away still captivated by the performance given by Alice Fearn, desperately trying to inconspicuously wipe away tears anytime she belted notes in her solo performances.

Wicked is the kind of musical that you should never miss and, of course, there is a reason why the musical has been performed for as many years as it has!  Join in, you know the words:

It’s time to try / Defying gravity /  I think I’ll try / Defying Gravity / And you can’t pull me down.

Excuse me, I think I have something in my eye *sniff*.  It’s so true *sniff*.  No one can pull me down!


One thought on “What is Christmas without Theatre? Wicked is HM’s Top Tip for West End Magic.

  1. I saw Wicked on Broadway and on tour so my total times goes to four. Wicked sparked my love for musicals and it helped me understand the emotional side of musicals and helped me understand what it means to have a strong emotional connection. I have loved the musical for 11 years now. It carries my vision of musicals perfectly.

    It along with Les Mis are tied for best musical


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