Brits are biggest christmas spenders in europe

Words by David E.J.A. Bennett

With Brexit hot on the heels of British consumers, the apparent economic downturn does not appear to have snowed in the spending spirit of Brits this Christmas.

A survey conducted by the Global Web Index showed that the average spend was £291 per person. This is at least £50 more than the closest European rival spender.

The survey also found that 20% of British shoppers began their Christmas spree as early as September, and 70% started before December. Only 5% considered themselves to be last minute shoppers, commencing their Christmas consumer binge two weeks before Christmas day.

An enormous 1 in 4 millennials will purchase a VR headset, and 40% will spend money on tech gadgets. Items of clothing were top of the gift list with 58%, with toys and games coming in second with 51%.

And a massive 87% of Brits will do the majority of their shopping online – compared to 73% of Europeans.

Added to the 76% of families who will purchase one of the 10 million turkeys cooked on Christmas Day, for an average cost of £50, it appears that nothing can hamper the Christmas spirit of the British – not even the uncertainty of Brexit.

So, think yourselves lucky it’s not 1647 – the year Oliver Cromwell banned feasting as a means of celebrating Christmas!

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