Christmas Crisis Resolution!

Words by Matt Healing. Following a tumultuous and divisive 2017, it can sometimes be tough to balance being informed with keeping sane. It seems that most days something terrible is happening, and while there is a need to face reality to remain self-aware of the ever-changing world, it can be hard to take the break we all sometimes need. I can remember not having to worry about anything when I was younger. Christmas was always happy for me, my extended family would come together, filling the house with gifts and food and friendly voices. I have only good memories of Christmas, but now I verge on adulthood, I begin to feel Christmas taking on new levels of feeling that I hadn’t appreciated as a child. Christmas is a mirage from me, a place where I can take a few days to drop everything.



All the thoughts of deadlines and anxieties about the future, worries about my family and stress about current events leave my head. Not even on my birthday do I feel entirely disconnected from the world, but I think the whole aesthetic of Christmas contributes to that feeling of being somewhere else, home as you know it, but ethereal and perfect. This rest bite is one I’ve taken for granted, but as I begin to realise the true value of family and friends, Christmas becomes that much more special a time. Once as a moody teen I thought I’d forgotten how to feel excitement, and questioned if Christmas would ever be the same for me. Not long on, and I’m getting ready to go home for my twentieth Christmas, and I couldn’t be more excited. Merry Christmas.

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